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Our Mission

For thousands of years cannabis was the first, second or third most commonly prescribed medicine in the pharmacopeia of physicians world wide. All that changed about 80 years ago when, because of the greed and avarice of certain businesses in the United States, it was deemed illegal. For years many doctors and the American Medical Association resisted this and consequently thousands of physicians lost their licenses. As a result, Cannabis went underground...

About 10 years ago, though cannabis was classified as a "Schedule 1 narcotic" (akin to heroin), the US citizens began a state by state campaign to make it legal. We wanted a person with a medical condition to be able to grow, posses and use cannabis for various diseases and conditions. These efforts continue to expand across the country and now over 23 states allow some form of medical cannabis.

As more and more states legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use, a tremendous body of knowledge about its potential is being accumulated. Cannabis is once more being recognized for the beneficial medicine that it is. Despite this progress, this herb continues to meet deep resistance due to age-old prejudices perpetuated by corporations with competing interests.

A study of the history and use of cannabis will reveal the undeniable benefits it offers.

Yet we continue to struggle with the legalization of this herb. Our position is that every person should be able to grow at least 15 plants for personal use. Possession is not a crime. Free the prisoners who are in jail for having used, possessed, sold or given away this herb. Amnesty should be given to those who have served their time for this plant. Their voting rights should be reinstated.

Join our campaign to send a "Message in a Bottle" of Legalize It! Spring Water to the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, stating that the time for complete legalization, decriminalization and rescheduling of cannabis is now. Let your purchase have a purpose.

Sample Message to print and send in a bottle.

Washington State residents, please send this message to the Governor: Talking Points for WA State Medical Cannabis Legislation

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