It's time to Legalize It! everywhere!
 We will send you 8 bottles of "LegalizeIt!" Spring Water anywhere in the US for $20;
mailed Priority Mail via USPS (the Post Office gets $10.50 of it!)
Order now and send "LegalizeIt!" Spring Water to relatives, friends, activists and government officials.
informative Legalize It! brand spring water label


You can already score political action water through these fine stores and distributors

Legalize It! in Washington

Bottle Works
1710 N. 45th St, Seattle

Buffalo Mazzetti, wholesale distributor
Tonasket, WA & throughout the West Coast (425) 785-9559

Nancy's Pike Place Market Creamery
1514 Pike Place #3, Seattle

The Solar Shop, wholesale distributor
306 W. 4th, Tonasket


We'll be at
World Rhythm Festival,

Conscious Culture Festival

Spring Barter Faire

Would you like Legalize It!
water at your next event?
Call (425) 785-9559,
or by email.

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