It's time to Legalize It! everywhere!
 We will send you 8 bottles of "LegalizeIt!" Spring Water anywhere in the US for $20;
mailed Priority Mail via USPS (the Post Office gets $10.50 of it!)
Order now and send "LegalizeIt!" Spring Water to relatives, friends, activists and government officials.
informative Legalize It! brand spring water label

About the Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company

We believe people have the power to change what is wrong in our world, and we must all speak out and act when we see an injustice. Our action water affords people the opportunity to get involved by sending a message in a bottle to the powers that be about the issues represented on our labels. Recycling a bottle with a political message as a mailing tube turns a consumer into an activist.

The Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company was established in 1998, originally to bring attention to the effects of cyanide leach gold mining and to prove that Water Is More Precious Than Gold. In April 2003, it became obvious that Water for Peace had to come next. And we continue to develop political action water bottling as people request it, including Agua Si Se Puede! and Legalize It! in 2007.

About Our Water
Currently, our spring water source is near Gervais, Oregon. Our goal is to eventually bottle our waters locally in the Okanogan to provide an economic, as well as environmental, incentive to keep our water clean. We will prove that Water Is More Precious Than Gold. By drinking or distributing our waters you help that dream become reality.

About Bottles...
We are aware of the contradictions of 'environmental bottled water', and have not resigned ourselves to the plastic bottle status quo. We are currently using the highest quality PET #1 plastic containers. Much has been said about corn-based, compostable water bottles. As far as we know, everyone bottling in these is using GMO (genetically modified) corn-based plastic. We see this as 'dancing with the devil'. Our research into creating non-GMO containers revealed it would be cost prohibitive--the manufacturer wanted us to buy a 3 year supply up front, for example, before they could start production. We are monitoring this situation, and as soon as a real alternative is available we'll be all over it.

What about glass? To be truly environmental, at least part of our stock should be bottled in recycled glass containers. This has its own problems: we've not found a bottler that will agree to bottle in glass; most events won't allow glass containers on their grounds; and glass is heavy--transportation costs go up. One of our solutions is we bring water in bulk to events and refill your containers. We're looking for more solutions--do you have another? It all takes $, ie investors. Interested in helping prove Water is More Precious Than Gold?

About Our Future
There are many issues in today's world that need our attention. Protecting parks and our national forests, saving old growth forests, ozone depletion, global warming, ocean issues including saving wild salmon, whales and coral reefs, genetically modified foods, stopping food irradiation, industrial farming and the unethical treatment of animals, a presidential pardon for political prisoner Leonard Peltier, and creating national health care are just a few of them. Our vision is to use bottled water to carry those messages.

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